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5 Tips to Master your grad school essay

In this blog, I’ll continue giving you free homework solutions and tips regarding your graduate school application essay. Remember that your essay is the most important piece of your application package and that’s why it is important to get it right.

Build a connection with a school (university) – it is always good to show your familiarity with the university or the program you are hoping to get into. Maybe you have visited that university’s campus; maybe you have gone there for a conference, maybe you have published something in cooperation the university’s faculty or ran a project together with the students…Whatever that is, it is good to mention that you have already built some connection with the place (and you are not blindly applying to grads schools).

Be persuasive – the entire point of your essay is to convince the admissions committee that you are motivated, driven and serious about going through 2-3 years of grad school. The admission committee should feel your eagerness to learn! (So use definitive words when writing).

Combine personal and professional experience – I always recommend that applicants talk about both their personal background and professional experience. According to answers for homework service your background is basically the foundation of your worldview and your professional experience is a reflection of your skill set. If you can show how both of them are intertwined, you can build a very strong application.

Show what kind of value you will bring to the student body and the program – most of the time students focus on what the university can give them and include no references at all addressing what they can bring to the university. The admissions committee also wants to know what value you can bring if accepted. (It can be a fresh perspective on issue A, B, or C, a new skill, project, anything!)

Address your imperfections – none of us are perfect. Some of you may have low GPA from college; some of you may have been fired from a job; some of you could have had trouble with the law. According to studydaddy your essay is the only place in your application package where you can talk about your imperfections, explain your past failures and what you have learned from them (as well as state how those past failures helped you grow and evolve). Everybody has a weakness; what matters, however, is how you talk about it.

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