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What's a SEP?

For more information regarding the legal protections granted to the QCHR and our participants, please visit:

NC Safer Syringe Initiative

Legal Protection


What We Offer:

Not sure if you need Naloxone?

Even if you are in recovery, we recommend having naloxone. 

Having a fire extinguisher doesn't increase your chances of having a fire!  Carrying naloxone doesn't mean you're a user or going to use, it just means you're prepared for an emergency.


People who use drugs can access so much more than just syringes
QCHR is a place for judgement free health care and offers:

  • Free naloxone and overdose reversal and response training

  • Free testing for HIV, Hepatitis C and more.

  • And a wide variety of safer consumption supplies, safer sex supplies, wound care, and information on how to properly care for your body and veins

  • Referrals and resources for people who use drugs

Legal protection for our participants.  Syringes and other injection supplies, are protected by law (GSM 90-133.27 )  For more information, go to NC DHHS:Safer Syringe Initiative.

QCHR is always seeking support to sustain program operations & services. 


If you would like to help, please contact Angela Allen of Center for Prevention Services or you can donate online following the directions on our Donation page.


Queen City Needle Exchange is a project started by Cat Nelson in 2016, the year North Carolina legalized SEP's (Syringe Exchange Programs) with the help and mentorship of the Urban Survivors Union and the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition.  It started out of the trunk of Cat's car, with a small grant providing supplies, and donated Naloxone from NCHRC.  QCNE struggled and started to fizzle out as it operated under funded.

In 2018 community allies and partners came together to offer syringe access & harm reduction services in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County area. The Charlotte Regional Harm Reduction Coalition was incepted and QCNE was revived as program of Center for Prevention Services


In 2021, the QCNE rebranded to become Queen City Harm Reduction (QCHR) to better align with our mission to serve our community in a harm reduction capacity - far beyond syringe exchange.


We have 1 fixed site that operates at 811 Eastway Drive, as well as mobile outreach.  With the help of peers, volunteers, staff, and other community support we continue to expand harm reduction services. QCHR is dedicated to addressing the critical public health needs of the individuals & communities we love and serve.



Who We Are

Who We Are





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