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Drug Checking with UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill has begun a pilot program allowing harm reduction programs to send completely anonymous drug samples for analysis.

With the increased presence of more dangerous product such as tranq (a.k.a. xylazine) making its way into the supply, this is a critical way for people who use drugs to stay informed.

All submissions are completely anonymous with no attachment to any personal information. Those submitting samples receive a random code to refer to their results, which detail the make-up of any materials present in the sample.

Samples for submission can be residue or a very small amount of product, and any outreach worker can assist with the process.

QCHR provides all of the supplies a participant need to test their product, including everything outlined in the video below.

A short card is included on which some descriptive information about the look and feel of the product is outlined, and the participant is provided with an anonymous, random code to access results from UNC Chapel Hill.

We provide testing kits at our Wellness Center during usual hours, or contact 980-395-9082 to request testing supplies in Mecklenburg County!

How Testing Works

What to expect from a drug-checking kit


What Is In The Supply?

Xylazine, more commonly known as tranq, is an animal tranquilizer that is being mixed with opioids to produce a more potent effect, originating in Philadelphia but already shown to be present in product provided by individuals QCHR serves. Tranq can make using more dangerous because it does not respond to naloxone, or Narcan, despite contributing to overdose situations.

Tranq can also cause painful skin lesions and sores that rapidly worsen and can lead to infection. Testing product to ensure its quality is a key way people who use drugs can make the best decision for their health, but there is currently no test strip or home method for checking product for tranq.

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