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Many community members have discussed with QCHR an interest in an alternative to AA programs, and what other options are out there for someone who doesn't feel quite like their experience is represented in the normal "substance abuse" narrative.

So QCHR and CRHRC are helping to facilitate and start these meetings.  We're calling it "Any Positive Change"

To get the most up to date information, follow @QCAPC on facebook.

So what is a harm reduction support group?

A harm reduction based support group is just that----a support group that embraces the idea that any step, any change, that reduces the harm caused by drugs or alcohol in your life, is a step in the right direction.

You decide what goals you want to set for yourself, and Any Positive Change you make is celebrated.

"Any Positive Change" means participants will create their own goals, and can define for themselves what recovery looks like to them.  Any step in the right direction is a form of recovery.


For some people, they may way to quit certain drugs, but still use other drugs.  Maybe someone just wants to use less. Many people want to be abstinent from all substances, but making small goals and small changes as steps to get there is a practical strategy for recovery.


This support group is all about empowerment and deciding for yourself what recovery looks like to yo

"Connection, particularly support from peers, is understood to be a key component to recovery.  Connections and support groups are important, but sometimes when people get together to help each other, group thinking can lead to judgement and strict rules about how things should be done, discouraging individuals from finding their own paths.  Wanting to guide another person can turn into dictating how to recovery even in the most well meaning situations. 


We aim for this group to be free from judgement, shame, and most importantly, dictating how someone should live their life.

YOU decide what your goals are, and Any Positive Change you make is celebrated.

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