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Naloxone Kit-making events

Naloxone (or Narcan) is an overdose reversal agent that saves the lives of our program members every day.


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Bling back Your Biohazard!!

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Valued program members

QCHR provides bus passes wherever you are for your trip. Our team understands that bus passes are not affordable for all and will make sure you have a pass to access available routes.

Below, is a brief guide to public transit in the area. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps offer the option to commute via bus route.  If you are able to purchase passes visit: 

QCHR deeply understands the challenges associated with accessing public transport. We are not here to create another barrier- bus passes are available for people who are comfortable and able to access a line.

Mobile delivery is limited, but available.

We look forward to seeing you at 811 Eastway Drive during the hours listed below.

Regular Location and Hours

QCHR is located at:
811 Eastway Drive
Charlotte, NC 28205

We are inside the building at this time!

Our hours are:

 Monday & Wednesdays: 10am to 3pm

Fridays: 10:30 to 4pm

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The Photovoice Project

Watch what our members have worked so hard on here!

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What We Do

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Center for Prevention Services' Queen City Harm Reduction (QCHR) program improves the health & wellness of individuals & their communities in Charlotte, NC. We provide direct services to people who use drugs and who are at high risk for Hepatitis C, HIV, overdose, and other major health issues. Our staff & volunteers offer free sterile equipment and Naloxone (Narcan) to people who use drugs, people who use hormones, people who do sex work, and other marginalized groups. Our services help to prevent the spread of infectious disease and overdose fatalities.

Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) are an evidence-based method that curbs infection rates and drug misuse.  

QCHR offers life-saving supplies and empowers directly impacted people through connection, education, and linkage to a variety healthcare options and social resources.


Meeting People

Where They're At


We believe people who use drugs deserve dignity, health, love and respect.  All too often people are given the message that their health is not worth caring for as long as they are using drugs.


We know people who use drugs still care about their health and their lives.